Why the desire to make our lives matter makes us ageless.

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What’s fun about book publishing is the same thing that was fun about reading when I was a kid: the way books can transport you to different worlds, teach you something fascinating, open a window into a totally new way of life or experience.

And it’s the same at GUIDEPOSTS: the viewpoints, stories and worlds I am exposed to on a daily basis fuel my love of life and knowledge.

One world I’ve been immersed in lately is aging. Not the prescriptive, what-kind-of-face-cream-should-you-use-to-prevent-wrinkles kind, but the funny kind, the inspiring kind, the kind that dashes your hopes as it says you, a) you WILL absolutely have wrinkles (and can’t do much at all to prevent them) but that b) you should (and can) laugh about them—and everything else that happens to your body and mind after 50—and that c) the secret to staying young forever is to follow your dreams, leave a legacy, make a difference, try new things, experience joy and love.

What’s ironic about me editing If a Woman’s Hair is Her Glory, Why Am I Tweezing My Chin? by Martha Bolton is that I am the youngest editor in the office, still in my (gasp!) fresh-faced 20s. Well, for a few more months, at least. But my age hasn’t seemed to matter as I edit this book, for I’ve found out that what is universal is our desire for our lives to matter, whether we’re 32 or 82. And that is definitely ageless. 

Rebecca Maker
Associate Editor


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