Answer Me This: Retirement?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to choose a retirement location.

- Posted on Sep 5, 2017

A group of senior citizen women enjoying themselves by the pool side.

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Planning for retirement can be an exciting time. There seems to be no shortage of ideas for where or how to spend your golden years. But how do you ultimately decide? Here are five questions to ask yourself before you choose a location.

1. What is the cost of living in my dream location?

You will want to research the tax rate and cost of household items in the area of your new home. If you are moving into a senior living community, find out what creature comforts are covered in the fees, and what aren’t.

2. Will my new home be close to activities that I enjoy?

Are you a golf nut? Is playing bridge all afternoon your ideal day? What about a library, shopping mall or sports stadiums? Having access to your favorite pastimes will be a consideration in your decision.

3. How close to family will I be?

For some people, nothing is more important than family. You don’t want to choose a location that is too far away or somewhere that your family wouldn’t want to go.

4. How is the weather?

Is sitting in the sun enjoying the rays your thing? Have you had enough of cold and snow? Or maybe you enjoy the changing of the seasons. You will want to check the average temperatures before you move.

5. Will I have access to quality healthcare?

Does the area have plenty of choices for family and general physicians? How close are the healthcare facilities relative to where you would be living? Is there a pharmacy nearby?

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