How Greenery Can Help You Live Longer

How Greenery Can Help You Live Longer

Everyone wants to live longer and healthier lives, and now, thanks to a recent Harvard University School of Public Health study, there's an easy way women can! Research fellow Peter James and his team concluded that women who live around green vegetation (trees, parks, plants, etc.) have a 12% lower mortality rate--particularly in cancer and respiratory-related illnesses.

Trees have been known to absorb noise and air pollution, but James also says having greenery around your home increases mental and physical health because it can encourage physical activity and socializing. Spending time in green spaces is directly linked to lower levels of depression, anxiety and stress, leading to a longer, better life. Here are 5 ways that you can make your space more green and reap the benefits. 

  • friends at park

    Meet Friends at a Park

    Because social interaction with loved ones helps increase quality of life, suggest regular get-togethers with friends at your neighborhood park. This way, you can all get the greenery you need and share bonding time. Take a lap around the park, play games, walk your dogs or just sit and chat together. 

  • windowsill garden

    Plant a Windowsill Garden

    Even if you don't have a backyard or patio, you can still have a garden--as long as you have a window. Buy plants that will fit on your windowsill--herbs like basil and mint or a small tomato plant. These plants will not only add greenery to your space, they'll also provide pleasant smells and yummy additions to your meal. Get your family involved with keeping your garden growing and bond while getting healthy together.

  • plant desk

    Bring a Plant to Work

    Are you stuck to a desk all day? Keep a plant on your desk and turn your office into a greenspace. If it's not feesible to have one on your desk or workspace, get permission to bring a plant into the breakroom. It may help you and your co-workers live longer.

  • visit botanical garden

    Visit a Botanical Garden

    If there's no park nearby your home, find out where the nearest botanical garden is and make it your mission to get there when you have time off. Bring friends or family and make a fun roadtrip out of it.

  • plant trees

    Plant Trees in Your Neighborhood

    If your park is a little rough around the edges, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for you to get more involved in improving the community. Research your area and find out what you would need to do to get trees planted to increase the greenspace in your neighborhood. Check with local plant nurseries and businesses to see if organizations would be interested in either donating trees or buying trees for you to plant. You'll be improving your life as well as the lives in your community.


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