Inspiration from Our Elders on Faith, Commitment and Joy

No matter your age, you can still be strong and vibrant spiritually and contribute to your community.

Posted in , Oct 23, 2019

Active elderly person

Recently, I was the guest preacher at a Spanish Baptist congregation where many of the members are older and came to our country in their youth looking for a better life. Today they may walk more slowly, their hair may be gray and they may face health challenges, but their faith, commitment and joy are stronger than ever. Their minds are focused on loving God and imparting their wisdom and insights about life and faith to the next generation.

Lydia, a 93-year-old woman, is only four feet tall, but a giant in spirit and faith. She told me that she never misses worship and has been attending the church for over 60 years. She shared the church's history and stressed how the congregation is an important part of her life.

There’s also Johnny, almost 80, and my own father, Pablo, 83, who are planning to start a food pantry at the church to serve the community.

Everyone I spoke to that day proved that no matter your age, you can still be active and strong in your faith.

Another person who really impressed me was their pastor, Eli, who is only 40. He welcomes and embraces the seniors of his church and community. He loves them and finds ways for them to continue to have purpose, impact and influence in this church. They love him and his family in return.

We must continue to respect and care for our elders. They helped shape the world as we know it today, and they are the reason we are here. They have so much to give and teach in their golden years.  As the late TV commentator Andy Rooney said, “The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.” Let us learn and be inspired by our elders. 

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