Parkinson's Disease: Fighting It Head On

He gained confidence and saw improvement thanks to physical therapy and voice therapy.

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Ed demonstrating his physical therapy exercise.

Content provided by Good Samaritan Society.

Ed Toscano, a resident of Good Samaritan Society – Mountain Home in Arkansas, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) in early November 2017. Less than six weeks later, he had already started to see improved outcomes thanks to the Parkinson’s therapy offerings at Mountain Home.

“I have gained some strength and a little more confidence in the ability to use my voice,” says Ed. 

This success can be attributed to the strength of the therapy services offered by Ward Therapy at Mountain Home. Engaging with the LSVT Big and LSVT Loud programs, Ed was able to quickly make big improvements in his ability to talk and move. LSVT stands for Lee Silverman Voice Training. Big is the exercise and stretching program. Loud is the voice maintenance and development piece.

The therapy has been so effective that Ed’s wife jokingly quipped that she didn’t know who was in her house. “My wife was wondering who the guy in the house was as I was walking around bellowing and startling her,” says Ed. “I frightened the cat, too!”



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