Tips on Finding Meaning After Retirement

by Wendy Schuman

Wendy Schuman was laid off at 63. As she looked for work, she began to consider what she felt called to do. She realized she wanted to help recent college graduates who were struggling to find work, just like she was after she lost her job. She and her husband founded Grad Life Choices, a free service to help recent college graduates find work. They pair life coaches around the country who volunteer their time with young people who need help. The process of starting something new at an age where many are considering retirement was challenging. It offered some valuable lessons for anyone making the transition to a new chapter in life. 

"Since I always assumed  I'd be working 'til I dropped, I had never asked myself, "What's next?"  But when that time arrived, I found I really did miss having a sense of purpose every day.  Here are some key lessons I've discovered through my experience with a 'second act.'"

Read more about her journey to a new career path here.

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