Living Longer, Living Better

Old people learning

7 Easy Steps to Keep Your Brain Sharp as You Age

Here are seven easy tasks you can do to keep your brain in shape as you age.

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Old people exercising

Just This Much Exercise Could Help You Live Longer (and You Won't Even Break a Sweat)

A recent study proves it's time to rethink the way older adults approach exercising. 

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Assortment of bread

6 Surprising Things Research Has Revealed Can Prolong Your Life

Science is proving that simple, counterintuitive changes can be good for you.

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Jack Reynolds while zip lining

106-Year-Old Man Sets Zip Lining World Record

Meet the man who celebrates his birthdays by making history.

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Britain's oldest tandem riders are still hopping on their "bicycle made for two" - with a combined grand old age of 177.

Meet the Couple Who Have Been Tandem Bicycling for Over 60 Years

They’ve retired from careers, but have no plans of retiring their bike.

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3 Ingredients of a Positive Friendship

Cultivating just a few positive relationships can be a source of joy, support and satisfaction throughout your life.

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5 People Who Didn't Become Artists Until Later in Life

5 People Who Didn't Become Artists Until Later in Life

These creatives prove it’s never too late to follow your dream.

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A close up of a lone duck floating on a pond.

This Duck Tale Warms the Heart

Observing the ducks in her pond, she realized what a difference we can make in each other's lives

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Tom and Claire Anderson

After Retirement, Variety Keeps Life Interesting

Concerts. Travel. Football games. This couple is busy in retirement.

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Richard Parra went from a certified nursing assistant to administrator after he found his calling in healthcare.

At 64, He Got His Call to Serve

He found a new career he loved at an age when many people are planning for retirement

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Marcie Palmer 2018 Volunteer Champion

Active Retirement: Volunteer Champion

Helping others makes retirement meaningful for Marcie Palmer

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Grain salads for summer

3 Grain Salad Recipes for Cool, Easy Suppers

Grains are nutritious, substantial and just plain delicious when paired with late summer’s produce.

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