Living Longer, Living Better

Marcie Palmer 2018 Volunteer Champion

Active Retirement: Volunteer Champion

Helping others makes retirement meaningful for Marcie Palmer

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Grain salads for summer

3 Grain Salad Recipes for Cool, Easy Suppers

Grains are nutritious, substantial and just plain delicious when paired with late summer’s produce.

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Steve Scarano caters to the Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikers crowd.

Why You’ll Find this Retiree on the Pacific Crest Trail

This former police officer now carries hot sauce, sandwiches and candy

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A wooded path

5 Spiritual Lessons from Life's Trail

A chaplain with the Good Samaritan Society shares spiritual lessons he's learned from the long, winding trail.

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Joe Bock helps kids build their skills and confidence.

This Benchwarmers Basketball Coach Makes Sure No Child Is Left Out

Joe Bock was always picked last on the basketball court. He grew up to create Benchwarmers Basketball, a program that helps hoops-challenged kids build their skills and grow their confidence.

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Try This Easy Trick to Live Longer

Try This Easy Trick to Live Longer

A new study shows that feeling in control can have huge health benefits

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Steve Scarano finds his faith is bolstered by serving as a 'trail angel' on the Pacific Crest Trail

How This Retiree Became a 'Trail Angel' on the Pacific Crest Trail

Retiree Steve "Hamburger Helper" Scarano shares how he came to serve as a "trail angel," assisting and supporting thru hikers along the Pacific Crest Trail.

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A woman sitting alone on a bench at a park on a crisp Autumn day.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Serious Long-term Health Risks

Studies show that loneliness has very real physical consequences.

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A grandfather drawing with his grandchild using colored pencils.

6 Fun Ideas to Bring Children and Older Adults Together

These suggestions will help you grow closer to your grandchildren and decrease loneliness.

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Side view of sad senior man sitting on bed by window in bedroom at home

Preventing Loneliness As You Age

This helpful infographic illustrates how you or a loved one can combat loneliness.

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A man sitting on a bench under a tree as the sun rises.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Can Technology Help?

This highly interactive, easy-to-use app helps seniors connect with friends.

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A lonely senior sitting on a bench gazing out to the sea on the beach.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Faith, Family and Community

Follow these practical tips to prevent loneliness.

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