Living Longer, Living Better

Photo provided by Good Samaritan Society

Preventing Loneliness as You Age

View the infographic to learn the statistics and see how you can help prevent senior loneliness.

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Photo provided by Good Samaritan Society

6 Tips for Staying Safe Online

Practice Internet safety with your loved one by following these helpful tips.

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Photo provided by Good Samaritan Society

Send a Note to a Resident in a Senior Care Facility

Communicating with loved ones or lifting the spirits of a stranger just got easier.

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A man sitting on a park bench alone.

The Loneliness Epidemic: Can We Fight It with Technology?

Using technology can reduce health risks and isolation for seniors in the future.

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Protect your skin from the sun

3 Ways to Enjoy the Summer Sun Safely

Sun protection is important, but so is enjoying the warmth of summer. Here’s how to embrace both.

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John and Phyllis Cook

Centenarian Newlyweds Prove Love Has No Age Limit

The couple got married a year after meeting at a senior facility. 

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Walt (paddling on Standing Bear Lake) built his kayak by hand

How a Challenging Kayak Race Helped Him Find Strength and Faith

For this Type 2 diabetic, a 72-mile kayak race was more challenging and rewarding than he could have imagined. 

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Geri Christensen

Mystery Solved: She Found the Perfect Project to Engage Her Ailing Friend

She prayed long and hard for an activity they could still do together. The answer? Writing mystery novels.

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Diane Stark (left) and her mother-in-law, Judy

How Technology Helped a Lonely Widow Reconnect

Diane wanted to help her mother-in-law overcome loneliness, but first she had to convince her that technology was to be embraced, not avoided.

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A senior women chats with family on her tablet

5 Ways to Be a Better Listener

Seniors can easily become isolated and lonely. Learning how to practice ‘Active Listening’ can help the elderly remain connected.

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Diane Stark (right) and her mother-in-law, Judy

How a Lonely Widow Reconnected with Loved Ones

Overcoming her aversion to smartphones and social media opened up her world.

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Carol Garsee riding her bike on Dog Beach in San Diego, California.

The 77-Year-Old Breast Cancer Survivor Who Biked Across the Country

Cancer survivor Carol Zemola Garsee, 77, shares highlights of her bike trip across the country.

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