Living Longer, Living Better

A man going through the rehabilitation program while a aide looks on to help.

3 Types of Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabiliation therapy can help a wide variety of conditions, from Parkinson's disease to recovery after an accident.

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Client in photo is Jane Harshberger. Other people are staff members.

Parkinson’s Disease: Drums Alive Program Sparks Quick Results

This music therapy program has many ways to help those with Parkinson's disease.

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Ed demonstrating his physical therapy exercise.

Parkinson's Disease: Fighting It Head On

He gained confidence and saw improvement thanks to physical therapy and voice therapy.

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Everette in discussion with his wife Karla and a doctor.

Parkinson's Disease: "I Have My Husband Back"

This physical therapy treatment dramatically improved Everette Walker's quality of life.

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Woman resting in a hammock

Positive Reading List: ‘The Art of the Wasted Day’

This lyrical book makes the case for adding more leisure time to your life.

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Emmett Diggs puts up his dukes

A Pastor with Parkinson's Uses Boxing to Heal

A retired minister, who years before gave up boxing, gets to put on the gloves again as a way of coping with Parkinson's disease.

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A smiling nurse gives her senior patient a hug

Activities to Help You Live Well with Parkinson's Disease

Therapists and patients at Good Samaritan Society in Mountain Home, Arkansas, offer hope and guidance to those who are coping with Parkinson's disease

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Singer Linda Perhacs

After 40 Years, This Dental Hygienist Becomes a Singing Sensation

Things didn't go as planned for Linda Perhacs when she released her first album decades ago. Now, she's been given a second chance to share her musical talents with the world.

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Senior woman gardening

The Positive Power of Trying Something New

Take on a new challenge and reconnect with the pleasure of being an excited beginner.

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Women hiking

3 Positive Ways to Cope with Loneliness

Practical ways to push back against this all-too-common emotional challenge.

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Shot of a mature couple enjoying a bike ride in the park.

It's Not Too Late to Get Healthy

New research suggests adapting a healthy lifestyle as you get older adds more years to your life.

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In learning to deal with Parkinson's, Emmett Diggs returned to his first athletic love: Boxing.

How Boxing Helped Him Cope with Parkinson's Disease

A retired pastor who gave up boxing more than half a century earlier puts up his dukes once again with a new and unlikely foe in his sights: Parkinson’s.

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