Breast Cancer: A Spiritual Journey

When Kimalea Conrad was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn’t realize that the she was beginning a physical and spiritual journey.

Posted in , Sep 21, 2015

Kimalea Conrad outside her church on a winter's day

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In 2010, Kimalea Conrad received biopsy results confirming that she had breast cancer. She was concerned and unsure what to do. She didn’t want her son to drop out of college to care for her as she underwent treatment. 

When longtime friends suggested she consider Cancer Treatment Centers of America, she made a phone call. That call started her healing journey.

“I realized that I trust God with my life," said Kimalea. "He knows when I’m going to take my last breath, I don’t.

“I can’t do anything about that last breath, but I can do a lot about the quality of my life. I have a responsibility for taking care of myself and making the best choices for my body.”

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