Cancer Treatment: Body and Soul

With her healthy lifestyle, Nicolle Surratte was the last person who expected to get cancer. When she did, she was resolved to maintain that lifestyle and be led by her faith.

- Posted on Sep 21, 2015

Nicolle Surratte finds strength in her faith for her battle against cancer.

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Nicolle Surratte was vigilant about living a healthy life. She ate organic foods and made an effort to treat her body well.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, she not only wanted treatment, she wanted support for her healthy lifestyle and for her faith. A beloved friend recommended Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

There she found a naturopathic doctor who understood and supported her efforts to eat healthy, and she found strength for her spiritual journey. There were Bible studies, in the hospital and the hotel she stayed in when she came for appointments, and she was able to pray with her caregivers.

“I know that I am placed on this earth and I am still here because I have a purpose," said Nicolle. "And cancer can’t kill purpose.

“Every day I try to live my life in a manner that gives God the glory. Faith doesn’t make things easy, but it does make them possible.”

See how Nicolle’s faith was strengthened.

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