Faith Over Fear in the Battle Against Cancer

A chaplain for Cancer Treatment Centers of America discusses the role that faith can play when a patient is striving for healing and reassurance.

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Content provided by Cancer Treatment Centers of America

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the first question is often focused on the medical treatment plan: Will I need surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or perhaps a combination of options? Such treatments are essential to fighting the cancer. Some patients have also found that a spiritual treatment plan helps prepare them for the road ahead—mind, body and spirit.

Cancer not only attacks you physically; it also tears at you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a Chaplain at our hospital in Newnan, Georgia, I meet with patients and talk about the importance of staying spiritually strong. For many people, spiritual strength is critical in the fight against cancer. Spiritual strength can help you maintain a sense of hope, faith and courage in the face of the disease.

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