Holistic Approaches to Beating Breast Cancer

Here are six breast cancer treatment and prevention resources for body, mind and spirit.

- Posted on Dec 20, 2012

A mature breast cancer survivor smiles at the camera

The prevention and treatment of breast cancer is more than a medical matter. It involves the well-being of the body, mind and spirit, which is why a healthy spiritual life is as important as the self-exam every woman should do monthly. To support all aspects of breast cancer prevention and awareness, we’ve collected six resources for you.

1. Inspiring Messages
The American Cancer Society, which founded the National Breast Cancer Awareness Day in 1985, continues to provide comprehensive resources and medical information on this disease including a page of Words of Inspiration. Survivors, caregivers, researchers and doctors offer everything from practical advice about gathering support around you to positive faith affirmations.

2. Don’t Lose HOPE
Lori Hope (Yes, that really is her name!) reminds those with breast cancer about four often forgotten yet critical healing elements on her HOPE Cards: Humor, Options, Protection and Empathy (with those who say the wrong things). You can print out the HOPE Card and affix it to a mirror, post it on a bulletin board, or tape it to your fridge as a daily meditation and reminder.

3. Bald Is Beautiful
MGA Entertainment is now producing “True Hope” Bratz and Moxy Girlz bald dolls to comfort families that suffer from the alienation and stigma associated with cancer treatment. The dolls are both male and female and one dollar from each purchase is donated to City of Hope for cancer research. Read about the woman behind the Bald Is Beautiful movement, Jane Bingham.

4. Think Pink
Care for your spiritual self while tending to the needs of others by purchasing a pink Bible or devotional. A portion of the proceeds from each of these publications goes to breast cancer charity. Your options are many, including the New International Version Pink Bible  the New King James Version Devotional Bible for Women: Pink Edition  and the Pink Ribbon Bible. Also consider The Message//Remix: Solo, a daily devotional specifically aimed at bringing hope and encouragement to breast cancer patients and survivors.

5. Recovery Resources
Breast Cancer Partner, an organization for women who are finishing or have survived breast cancer treatment, provides information and resources for a recovery that involves “body, mind, emotions and spirit.” The group organizes weekly educational events around the country, hosts health and wellness retreats, and creates survivorship programs in the form of care plans to aid recovery. The website links to resources including practitioners—nutritionists, yoga instructors, homeopaths, acupuncturists, etc.—news and other online resources.

6. Focus on Awareness
A self-examination can help detect breast cancer early, which is why it’s an important monthly ritual for every woman. Self-exams need to be done standing, lying down and in the shower, which is why the Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation made this hanging shower-card. Print it, laminate it and hang it on your shower head to begin (or continue) your monthly self-exam routine.

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