Living With Cancer

Guideposts: A smiling family bearing Christmas gifts pays a home visit to a person with cancer.

7 Ways to Care for a Loved One with Cancer During the Holidays

The holidays inspire us to show friends and family how much we care, and a loved one battling cancer will certainly appreciate a kind and helpful gesture. Here are some tips to guide you in helping to make the Christmas season bright for someone with cancer.

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Bring food to a loved one with Cancer | Guideposts

8 Tips for Bringing Food to a Loved One with Cancer

Providing food for a loved one with cancer is one of the best ways to help out. Here are some tips to make sure you're being as helpful as possible.

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Guideposts: An outstretched hand holds a clump of soil from which a green plant sprouts

Faith Over Fear in the Battle Against Cancer

A chaplain for Cancer Treatment Centers of America discusses the role that faith can play when a patient is striving for healing and reassurance.

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Praying Through Your Fears

Praying Through Your Fears

Reverend Pablo Diaz shares how he used the power of prayer to help fight fear while he and his family waited for his father's cancer test results.

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Tim Timmons on his battle with cancer and his new album

Singer Tim Timmons: 'Cancer Is Not My Story'

The Christian worship artist, who was given a terminal cancer diagnosis 14 years ago, just released his latest album and it's his most joyful yet. 

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Here's a powerful story of a breast cancer survivor and her faith in God.

Happy Breast Cancer Survivor Day to Me

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Survivor and Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker Suzanne Eller shares her powerful story of how coping with the disease pulled her closer to God.

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Guideposts: Deejay Micha Logan shares how God instructed her to talk publicly about her battle with breast cancer.

Living with Cancer: God Told Her, 'Share Your Story'

As a radio DJ, she talked for a living. But when a heavenly voice told her to bare her soul about her breast cancer, it was a new kind of challenge.

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Nicolle Surratte finds strength in her faith for her battle against cancer.

Cancer Treatment: Body and Soul

With her healthy lifestyle, Nicolle Surratte was the last person who expected to get cancer. When she did, she was resolved to maintain that lifestyle and be led by her faith.

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Guideposts: Ken Butler and his wife, Selena

Cancer Treatment: An Answered Prayer

After he was diagnosed with  cancer, Ken Butler  prayed for guidance about where to seek treatment. He and his wife are confident their prayers were answered.

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Kimalea Conrad outside her church on a winter's day

Breast Cancer: A Spiritual Journey

When Kimalea Conrad was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn’t realize that the she was beginning a physical and spiritual journey.

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Eva LaRue On Reinventing Herself

Eva LaRue Is Reinventing Herself (And Her Career)

How the All My Children and CSI: Miami star's new outlook on life is influencing the roles she takes. 

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My angel is a cancer survivor.

My Angel Is a Cancer Survivor

In face of a diagnosis, finding that stillness and faith brings extraordinary strength

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