Living With Cancer

Lauren Hill - ESPN

An Inspiring Hoops Hero

A terminally ill freshman sees a dream come true in her first collegiate basketball game.

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The Grand Canyon at sunrise

Divine Intervention on a Grand Scale

She was taking the trip of a lifetime, but she wasn’t sure how long that life would be.

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Breast Cancer Walkers

Guideposts Celebrates Breast Cancer Survivors at Avon Walk

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Hear the inspiring testimonies of people whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

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Coach Pagano returns to the field after a victorious battle with cancer.

A Coach's Victory

Family, football and faith were my life. My cancer diagnosis tested them all.

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An artist's rendering of a Native American angel

The Angel in Front of Me Calmed My Cancer Anxiety

A line at the bank was not what she needed after chemotherapy–or so she thought.

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Roberta Messner (right) with her friend Wanda

The Faith of a Friend

It wasn’t that she believed God couldn’t heal her; it was just that he hadn’t.

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Marion Bond West examines her face in a mirror.

A Rich Life Reflected in Her Features

She’d never really liked her face. But then she’d never really looked at it, either

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Middle schooler Abby Miller with her guitar and a friend

Love Notes

Abby Miller's lovely voice will surprise you, but why she's singing is even more special!

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A woman seen from behind getting a short haircut

Prayers Anwered, No Waiting

Her prayer for guidance during her cancer treatment was answered promptly.

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Actor John Wayne

Guideposts Classics: John Wayne on True Courage

In this story from January 1974, the beloved actor recalls his first bout with cancer, and what it taught him about himself.

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A spirit stone with the word Faith etched in it

Finding Faith When She Needed It Most

With her husband battling cancer, she struggled to find her faith–until a cashier lent a hand.

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Carol Kuykendall

A Cancer Survivor Shares the Words That Inspired Her

Given a two-year life expectancy, she decided to trust God to give her what she needed.

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