The Mother-Daughters Diet

All together now! A family joins forces to lose weight with some inspiration from The Biggest Loser.

Posted in , Mar 29, 2016

Two sisters prepare a healthy meal.

Two weeks ago, my sister, Priscilla, and I visited our parents in Florida, where they snow-bird for the winter. We had a glorious time filled with sand, waves and one too many “skip-the-diet” meals.

On the way to the beach one day, my mom, Priscilla and I discussed how we’d all put on a few pounds over the winter. (What? It’s important to keep warm!) Well, all that sunshine must’ve really gotten to us because right then and there we hatched a plan for a peculiar diet.

A weight loss competition inspired by The Biggest Loser called the “Catch Me If You Can Program for Mothers & Daughters,” also known as CMIYCPFMAD. Here’s how the program works.

Every Wednesday, my mom, Priscilla and I will weigh ourselves. The two people who lose the least amount of weight will each contribute $10 to our diet piggy bank. If you gain weight or fail to lose anything, you have to fork over $20. All the money raised will go towards a mother-daughter vacation sometime after May when the CMIYCPFMAD ends.

We each picked a vacation spot we’d like to travel to in the United States: Chicago, Napa Valley or a Mississippi River cruise. Depending on how much weight we lose, we’ll be taking one of those trips. Our goal is at least 30 pounds, all together.

I must admit that I typically despise diets. Especially the constant salad eating (is there anything more tedious than chewing lettuce?). But this time around, I’m actually having fun. And losing weight. In fact, I was the biggest loser of week one. (My mom, on the other hand, didn’t lose an ounce. Pay up, Mom!)

If there’s anything I’ve learned from working at Mysterious Ways, it’s that looking at the world from a different perspective or with eyes of wonder is always a good thing. I think we’ve managed to do that with this diet, from the program name to the “we’re all in this together” vibe. And if we can find the wonderful in a diet, there’s no stopping us!

I’ll keep you updated on our progress. In the meantime, do you have any diet tips for the members of the CMIYCPFMAD? Share your advice below!

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