Ways to Stick to Weight-Loss Goals This Holiday Season

Check out these sources for sound advice and tips on smart eating over the holidays.

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The irony of my weight-loss situation is that I am only 1.3 pounds away from my goal—right before the longest, most festive feasting time of the year!

To help me win the battle of the bulge over the next five weeks, I turned to the web, of course. Check out these three articles that offer up facts plus sound advice and tips for smart eating over the holidays. They gave me some great ideas. Hope they do the same for you!

Do Americans really gain about five pounds this time of year? True or False? Find out in this Consumer Reports blog, which offers five fascinating myth-busting facts about holiday weight gain and strategies for navigating holiday meals.

This is a must-read blog before you set out for your Thanksgiving dinner. Published online by the Mayo Clinic, it offers seven great “Tips for Preventing Holiday Weight Gain.”

These 7 strategies for smarter holiday eating may not help you tomorrow when facing the Thanksgiving groaning board, but they may help over the long haul.

And lastly, but most importantly, have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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