Health and Wellness

In AA, Gerry found there were people who actually wanted to help him.

How He Found the Strength to Get Help for His Addiction

He was ready to give up, but a letter from his grandmother and a friend's invitation helped him start over again.

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Breath of fresh air

4 Easy Ways to Embrace the Healing Power of Nature

The positive power of nature is inspiring doctors to prescribe going outside to improve your health.

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A senior volunteer works at a food bank

5 Benefits for Seniors Who Volunteer

Although volunteering is fulfilling, there are other perks to giving back

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Members of the Sun City crew include (from left) Marilyn Navarro, Ken Ayers, Karen Leonard, Robert Leonard and Ted Stone.

Retirees to the Rescue: Senior Volunteers Staff Sun City's Emergency Crew

For this team of volunteers, retirement is an opportunity to save lives

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A troubled student at the back of the classroom.

How a Teacher Saved Her Student from Addiction

At the back of her classroom, she saw the struggles that her pupil was facing. But what could she do?

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Playing music for health

Want to Boost Your Brain? Play Music

The more you learn and play music, the more your brain can whistle a happy tune.

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A angel cherub figurine with small, violet flowers.

An Angel Helped Her Through Alcoholism

Her alcohol addiction was out of control until she found hope from a special angel on the mantelpiece.

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Art Barg and his seasonal green tomato pie.

A Pie-Making Centenarian

Content provided by Good Samaritan Society. Well past the century mark at age 103, Art Barg continues making his seasonal green tomato pies. Watch the video to see him at work — and tasting the final product.

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Stacy Kahri, Director of Operations for Generations, accepts a check from Northwood Retirement Community Office Manager Jennifer Wilson and administrator Diane Jones. The money, a grant from the Good Samaritan Society, will help fund the Meals on Wheels.

This Grant Kept Meals on Wheels Rolling

Homebound seniors don't have to wait for a hot meal thanks to a generous donation.

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A recipe book with various utensils and ingredients.

6 Steps to Start a Meal Plan

Meal planning can sound intimidating. Here are the steps you need to help you on your way to a nutritious diet.

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Balsamic salmon with pears and pecans

The Winning Recipe: Balsamic Salmon with Pears and Pecans

How a new menu idea offers an alternative to meat and potatoes

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Benefits of solving jigsaw puzzles

6 Surprising Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

How puzzles can help you relax, improve your memory, bond with family and more.

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