Life Advice

We rarely need meaningful life advice more than when we are coping with grief, but we can benefit from advice at many times in our lives. Tips on how to manage stress or be your best self can reignite your life purpose, from refreshing your work life to improving relationships to fostering confidence and self-esteem.
Friends on the beach

The Blessing of Supportive Friends

A writer’s appreciation of all the encouragement she has received during her career.

Baroque altarpiece in Convent of Saint Teresa (Avila). 17th century.

7 Inspiring Teresa of Ávila Quotes

Teresa of Avila is the author of a beloved book on prayer, The Interior Castle, was canonized as a saint in 1622, and is the subject of famous sculpture by the Italian sculptor Bernini, Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. She joined a convent as a teen in the 1500s, and helped reform her order of nuns and founded other monasteries. In her lifetime, Teresa of Avila emphasized the practice of three virtues: humility, detachment and charity. Her work remains very influential among Christians and all those interested in prayer. We hope you enjoy this collection of inspiring quotes from Teresa of Avila.

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An image for positive thoughts

An Image to Help You Let Go of Toxic Thoughts

A screen door is flexible, open to letting negativity pass through to make way for clear, fresh air.

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A Teacher's Graduation Gift

Inspiring students to connect with others, to listen, to inquire and to put humanity at the forefront as they begin the rest of their lives

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Weathering life's storms

The Good Things in Life's Storms

Just as in nature, a strong wind and rain can get rid of the debris in our lives and bring us closer to God.

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Watching tv

Whose Voice Are You Listening To?

Despite the barrage of messages we get each day about our worth, it’s God who truly knows what we can deliver.

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Finishing up

Finishing Your God-Given Tasks

When God gives you a project, it's important to begin it. But even more important to finish it.

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Talking about emotions

4 Positive Ways to Manage Your Feelings

Emotional agility is the key to authentic positivity.

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Pipe organ

The Many Ways We Hear God's Word

We hear it at different emotional pitches, in different tones, at different times. It takes multiple attempts to learn, and comes at us in a variety of ways before it sticks.

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Woman in thought

What Good Can Come of Hardship?

When you turn to God, times of stress can lead to better choices and richer insights.

Woman in garden

When It’s Time to Call the Master Gardener

A military mom realizes her spiritual garden needs an overhaul after her son is deployed.

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Shot of a group of cheerful university students on graduation day

9 Inspirational Graduation Quotes

Graduation speeches offer inspiration to everyone, even those who are not receiving a diploma. Whether or not you're a graduate, we hope these inspirational quotes from famous commencement speeches will bring you encouragement and motivation.

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The Key to a Happy Life

The Key to a Happy Life

Happiness isn’t a mood. Happiness is having Jesus in your heart.

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Fight fear

Don’t Let Fear Win the Argument

When God ask you to do something that scares you, step out in faith.

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