12 Quick Tips for Keeping Stress in Check

Help for finding inner calm when the chaos of life swirls around you.

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Tips for dealing with stress

Recently I came across some notes I wrote to myself during an extended period of stress. Titled “Reminder to Self,” they included the following:

1)  Stress is distracting. It can be like static in your ability to listen to God.

2)  Good prayer is measured by how well and openly and often you communicate with the Lord, not on how you feel while doing it.

3)  Ask for—and rely on—the prayers of others. They will keep your head above water.

4)  Hold tight to what you know to be true.

5)  Not-knowing how things will work out is a cross. Accept it as such.

6)  Learning to tolerate discomfort is a life skill. We don't have to be comfortable or happy in order to love God.

7)  Recognize the Lord in the presence of the people He sends you.

8)  Don't let your own problems dominate your prayers. Make ample room for thanks, praise and the needs of others.

9)  Focus on points of light instead of your fear of the dark.

10) Sometimes the best you can do is say, “I love you, Jesus!” a 100 (or 500 or 3000) times.

11) “Make it go away!” must always be followed by “Thy will by done.”

12) There is always a way to grow closer to God.

Do you have any quick stress relief tips? 

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