12 Ways to Clear Up a Misunderstanding

Sometimes we’re right. Sometimes we’re wrong. Most times, it doesn’t really matter.

Posted in , Aug 18, 2017

How to clear up a misunderstanding

Wow, it’s so easy to get our feelings hurt, isn’t it? We overhear something someone said (or what we think they said), or we feel left out, or we aren’t treated as we would like, and it slams us in the heart.

A misunderstanding doesn’t feel good, either on the receiving end or the giving end. I’ve experienced both. But I’ve learned some things about handling misunderstandings: 

1.   I need to be the grown-up. Wearing my feelings on my sleeves just makes it easy for them to get in the way of real communication.

2.   Misunderstandings are usually just that, and when I make the effort to talk with the other person about it, it’s often an easy fix.

3.   I need to ask God, “Do I have the right attitude or do I need to change something? Sometimes the problem isn’t the other person…it’s me.

4.   I can’t let misunderstandings go unresolved. Otherwise, something that started out the size of a pebble can end up as big as the Grand Canyon. 

5.   It’s best to go to the person directly. Third party conversations about someone else just muddy the waters and make it harder to clear things up.

6.   Pray for wisdom about how to handle the situation in a Christ-like manner.

7.   Show love like Jesus does—no matter what.

8.   Ask God to help me see others as He does.

9.   Forgive…even when forgiveness isn’t requested.

10. I can’t become bitter. That only hurts me.

11. Show grace, no matter who is right or wrong.

12. Turn the other cheek. Go the extra mile. And make restitution when it’s merited … and sometimes even when it isn’t.

I’m a representative of God, and through my actions toward others, I can be His witness. I never want to stand between God and His message. How about you?

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