3 Values That Are Keys to Success in Life

A simple sign can be a strong reminder of what's really important. 

Posted in , Aug 28, 2019

Faith, family and friends

Over the years, my wife, Elba, has done a great job of decorating our home. Each room has its own style and uniqueness. We have lots of nice furniture, great artwork and family photos. One piece of art that stands out to me is a white wooden sign that reads: Faith, Family and Friends. These three words represent our three main values; they are what my wife and I find most important in life and are the keys to the success of our marriage and home.

Elba and I come from Christian homes where our parents raised us to understand the importance of faith. In my home, both my parents were instrumental in passing the teachings and practices of their faith to my siblings and me. In Elba’s home, it was her mom who strongly lived out her faith and passed on her beliefs to her nine children. The faith our parents instilled has helped us endure difficult times and move forward with grace. Our faith is rooted deeply in the love we have for God, and we try to be humble, loving and persistent. And just like our parents, we worked hard to pass these values along to our children.

Family means the world to Elba and me. We were raised in loving families with limited resources, but there was always plenty of love, fun, faith and support. No family is perfect, but they are each a gift from God. Throughout our son and daughter’s childhoods, we lived in several states, dealt with illness, lost loved ones and faced shattered dreams. However, we were always there for one another and continue to be.

Though we are born or adopted into our families, friends are the family members we gain throughout life. Yes, there are the friends who come and go, but the ones we form a deep and lasting relationship with are the ones we most value. These are also the people we turn to for support when times are tough. God has blessed us with these relationships, and we work hard to maintain them.

Everyone has a set of values that guide their decisions, actions and thinking. When I look at the wooden sign in our house, I’m reminded that faith, family and friends are gifts from God and the most important things in my life. What are your key values in life?

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