7 Calming Evening Activities You Can Do Without Screens

Need to decompress after a long day? Try these relaxing pastimes—no cell phone or electronic device required. 

Posted in , Mar 3, 2022

Woman reading a book in the evening

Most of us turn to our phones, tablets or televisions at the end of the day. But did you know that screens stimulate your brain and keep you awake rather than calm you down? Cell phones, for example, emit blue light, which blocks melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. 

Relaxing and getting a full-night’s sleep every night is essential to a productive life. Here are seven activities you can take on that don’t involve or require screen time. 

Meditation is a great method for relieving anxiety and letting go of negative thoughts. Yoga, stretching or simple breathing exercises—including breath prayers, simple prayers that can be spoken in a single breath—are all great forms of meditation. Clearing your thoughts with these methods will help put your mind in a better state before sleep. 

Read a book
Did you know that reading can make you happier? According to a 2016 survey conducted by researchers at the University of Liverpool’s Centre for Research into Reading, Literature and Society (CRILS), reading can provide profound therapeutic exploration to regular stress management. By diving into a different world, whether real or fiction, we’re provided with the joy of new views and perspectives. Reading also induces sleep by putting your consciousness at ease (light reading is suggested at bedtime to put your mind in a calmer state before sleep).

Practice gratitude
Take a few moments every night to seek out something positive that happened to you or your loved ones. Think about a person you’re grateful for in your life and the positive impact they have on you. Gratitude has many powers—it calms anxiety, reduces stress and maintains a positive mindset. Not only will it end your day on a peaceful note, but it will help you start the following day with an uplifting, grateful attitude. 

Read the Bible
Our daily responsibilities can make it difficult to connect with God during the day. Make the most of your down time every evening by reading the Bible and learning about God. Focus on comforting verses and allow the truth of each word to calm your heart and mind. Prayer will allow you to have a deeper sense of peace, and thus, a good night’s sleep. 

Write in your journal
Take some time before bed to get in touch with your emotions, thoughts and goals by writing them down. You can include important things that happened during the day as well as your hopes for the day or week ahead. Getting your troubles or worries on paper can also help you grow closer to God—as you write your problems down, you’re opening your heart to God’s voice, wisdom and love. 

Listen to soothing music 
Listening to music is good for your heart and mind. Music expands our horizons and gives voice to our prayers. The Psalms, which were written to be sung, can be heard on soothing instrumentals and vocals. Get yourself in a relaxing mood by listening to the word of God through calming melodies, bringing you comfort and a better night’s sleep. 

Enjoy nature
An evening walk can be a great way to spend a few minutes alone with all the beauty that nature has to offer. Step away from noises or interruptions by taking a walk around your neighborhood, sitting on your porch or relaxing in your backyard. Embrace the wind in your hair, the setting sun on your cheeks or the grass under your feet and let nature be a comforting presence in your life. Not only will it benefit you spiritually, but studies show that a natural environment can help your physical health by improving blood pressure and heart rate. 

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