Coping With Grief

Looking to Biblical heroes for inspiration during dark times at Christmas.

When the Light of Christmas Goes Dark

If you’re hit with a tragedy this season, turn to these Biblical heroes for hope.

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A Feline Farewell

A Feline Farewell

She wasn’t there to say goodbye to her sweet kitten, but he said goodbye to her.

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a single, lit votive candle

The Candle That Answered a Prayer

In a moment of darkness, on the night before Thanksgiving, a daughter finds comfort in the unlikeliest of places…

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Dr. Myles Munroe

Remembering A Christian Hero

Renowned evangelical minister Dr. Myles Munroe died in a plane crash on Sunday.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris smiled family heaven

She Smiled at Her Family in Heaven

In the days before her death, her children heard her talking to her daughter, her son and her husband in heaven...

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Fred Stobaugh's beloved wife, Lorraine

Inspired to Pay Tribute to Sweet Lorraine

A musician is moved to put to music the lyrics of a widower who misses his wife.

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A closeup photo of a dragonfly

Tiny Blessings with Shimmering Wings

A mother, dearly missing her departed daughter, is comforted by a host of insects.

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A framed photo of Barbara Womer and her dad beside the special music box.

Mysterious Ways: The Music Box

My sister’s gift to me meant more than she knew…

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Audrey's mother and her grandchildren

A Dream of the Afterlife

Missing my deceased mother, I fell asleep and received the comfort I hoped for.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

A Little Girl's Loving Act

Her father shared this exquisite glimpse of heaven with all the other fathers in the room...

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A flying bee against a blue sky streaked with wispy clouds

Mysterious Ways: Giving Back for John

A winged messenger assured a blood donor that her belated brother appreciated her efforts.

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The driftwood heart Nancy found at the lake where she and Jim vacationed

A Heart-Shaped Sign of a Champion

He was the love of her life. How could she go on without him?

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