Coping With Grief

How to not fear death and look forward to heaven.

The Journey to Heaven

How not to fear the transition from life to death

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Emily Maynard and family

Starting Over After Losing the Love of Your Life

Bachelorette star Emily Maynard shares how faith helped her recover from the shocking death of her fiancé and how she learned to spot “the one."

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A woman comforts a grieving friend

12 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Is Grieving

If you want to help a loved one facing loss, avoid some often-heard phrases. Discover what you can say and do to bring real comfort. 

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Guideposts: Wayne Campbell, who created the foundation, Tyler’s Light, to honor his fallen son.

A Father Honors a Son Lost to Heroin Addiction

He watched his loving, talented son become addicted to painkillers before finally succumbing to a heroin overdose. How could he make sense of such a tragedy?

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Guideposts: Rose Burns on her inspiring rafting adventure

Words of Wisdom from Mother to Son

In his story for the February-March 2016 issue of Mysterious Ways, Michael Burns writes of discovering, shortly after her passing, an inspiring essay his late mother had written. Here is that essay in its entirety.

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Freedom tower. 9-11, we never forget.

9/11, We Never Forget

On 9/11 we can honor the dead by living lives of great care, by bringing goodness to a grieving world.

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A garden becomes a source of hope for a grieving family.

The Garden That Healed Our Grief

A family finds peace and heavenly comfort in this excerpt from A Cool Drink of Water.

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A pileated woodpecker in nature.

A Comforting Sign from Heaven

In this excerpt from Thin Places, a grieving family receives a comforting message from heaven.

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We can find grace in our grief.

Grief's Grace

When something bad happens, we are connected like never before.

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A troupe of tiny angels assist a woman baking cookies in her kitchen.

Baking Her Way Back to Life

Her grief led her to avoid socializing, but with 96 freshly baked cookies on hand, she was inspired to reach out for comfort.

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A ski gondola rises, with heavenly streams of light pouring down

Comforted in Her Grief

A treasured memory reassures a grieving mother that her departed son is at peace.

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A photograph of Kristina Chesterman

Completing Kristina's Bucket List

A college student, killed by a drunk driver, inspires her parents and others to fulfill her dreams.

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A table tent with a large E on it

Table for Five

Their first vacation without with their mother. Would she send a sign that she was along for the trip?

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An artist's rendering of an angel seated in a pew between a man and a woman.

Faith Prayer

She was worried over her ailing grandfather when a stranger said the words she needed to hear...

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