Coping With Grief

Audrey's mother and her grandchildren

A Dream of the Afterlife

Missing my deceased mother, I fell asleep and received the comfort I hoped for.

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Life after Death blogger Trudy Harris

A Little Girl's Loving Act

Her father shared this exquisite glimpse of heaven with all the other fathers in the room...

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A flying bee against a blue sky streaked with wispy clouds

Mysterious Ways: Giving Back for John

A winged messenger assured a blood donor that her belated brother appreciated her efforts.

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The driftwood heart Nancy found at the lake where she and Jim vacationed

A Heart-Shaped Sign of a Champion

He was the love of her life. How could she go on without him?

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Mourners gather to pray and light candles in the darkness

Turning to God in Times of Tragedy

Guideposts invites you to explore stories of courage, resilience and strength and to join us in praying for the comfort and healing for those impacted by the Newtown tragedy.

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An artist's rendering of Big Jon, on a shelf with other toys

The Return of Jason's Treasured Friend

A stuffed clown that her late son treasured reminds a mother of the lessons he taught her.

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ladybug on a woman's hand

Mysterious Ways: The Love Bugs

I dreaded another Thanksgiving without my little Kyley-Bug. I prayed for a sign that my daughter was at peace.

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Elvis Presley performing during his 1968 TV comeback special

Heavenly Memories of a Beloved Son

A grieving mother is comforted by the vocal gifts of Elvis Presley.

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musical notes from a hymn

Mysterious Ways: Right on Cue

I missed my parents so much. If only they could be here with me again.

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Mysterious Ways: Right on Cue

Mysterious Ways: Right on Cue

Though a minister fears a Good Friday performance will be botched, God has other plans.

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Elizabeth Barbera clasps a photo of her departed son Jason.

Her Faith Was Restored by Mother Goose

A grieving mom is inspired by her interactions with a pair of feathered parents-to-be.

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Comforting Scripture Grieving a Loss

Comforting Scripture for Times of Loss

Devotional writer Sharon Hinck digs in to Scripture for comfort.

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