Just Say Yes to God

God doesn't need you to have it all together. He just needs your faith.

Posted in , Jul 24, 2015

Teen girls say yes to God

Have you ever had your life changed by saying yes to God?

Youth Group Leaders Brandy Hopkins and Kristie Kirk have. Seven years ago, they noticed a mean girl trend taking root in their Baptist church in Southern Indiana and they were determined to put a stop to it. They felt God was calling them to have a retreat for teen girls called “GC3”—meaning Girls, Chosen, Called and Confident—but they had little budget or resources with which to pull it off. 

But they knew this was God's plan, so they just said "yes"—and, they’ve been saying “yes” ever since.

This year’s GC3 conference on July 31st marks their seventh year of ministering to teenage girls. The conference has grown from 15 teens to more than 60 girls from all over the State of Indiana, and every year God has provided the funds so that Hopkins and Kirk can continue providing a wonderful night of faith, food, fun and fellowship without charging the girls one dime. The testimonies from these conferences pour in, year after year, affirming God's call to Hopkins and Kirk.

But it hasn’t always been an easy journey. They've felt like quitting, not knowing how everything was going to work together, but they've allowed God to guide them and have stayed true to their mission to bring junior high and high school girls to Christ.

Maybe like Hopkins and Kirk, you’re feeling called to do something big for God, yet you feel ill equipped. Take it from these difference makers—they felt the exact same way when they started their journey. But, they knew if God called them, He would equip them.

And, He has!

He will do the same for you.

See, you don’t have to know all of the answers because you know Him and He has all the answers. In fact, He IS the answer. The Bible tells us that God will work out the plans He has for your life. That’s good news, isn’t it? God doesn’t expect you to have all of the resources and funds needed to fulfill your calling. He just needs your faith in Him and His Word to get the job done, and you’ve got that!

So, go ahead.

Just say yes…

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