Learning to Lean on God

In all the challenges that face us in the coming year, don't forget to turn to God for help.

Posted in , Dec 21, 2017

Turn to God.

This year is screeching to a halt and a fresh new year is just around the corner. That’s a time that makes me pause in reflection. A new year means months with fresh new pages in my calendar. New adventures. New possibilities of things to do for God. And, often, difficult days as well.

But the look back? Well, that shows a year that’s already been done. Goals conquered. Joys celebrated. Surprises encountered. And mountains—hard times—that have been survived.

But there’s one thing that never surprises me when I look at past years with the beauty of hindsight: there were always so many things that I didn’t know.

On the day I got married, I knew I loved that good-looking guy with the cute dimples who stood at the altar with me, but I didn’t have a clue about how to be a good wife. So I prayed and asked God to show me what to do—and He did.

Several years later, when my husband and I left the hospital with our brand-new baby boy, we so wanted to be great parents—but I think we’ll both admit that we were a good bit fearful about the challenges and responsibilities ahead. We told God we wanted to raise our children for Him and asked Him for wisdom and to put people in our lives who would mentor us. That’s exactly what He did.

When God called me to write for Him, I was so green that I would have made the Jolly Green Giant look anemic. But I prayed and said, “Lord, my writing is Yours. Do what You want with it, and I’ll be ready to run through whatever doors You open.”

I wish I had time to tell you the full story of how faithful He’s been, but not only did He send people to help me learn about writing and the publishing world, He sent me people at the top of the field—writers who excelled at what they did.

As He kept opening bigger and bigger doors, I was keenly reminded of all the things I didn’t know. I’ll never forget my nerves during my first radio interview with Focus on the Family. Instead of starting with a small station interview, my first radio experience was with one of the big programs. Oh my, the things I didn’t know that day!

But He helped me make it through, because all those things I didn’t know caused me to lean on Him. They made me go to God for guidance. They taught me to trust Him more. And they assured me that no matter what situation He sends my way, He will teach me everything I need to know. He will be there with me, and you, in every moment. We can count on Him no matter what. Tried and proven. 

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