Pass It On: Branching Out

The mother of the groom gets the very bright idea that a bundle of dead eucalyptus branches might be just the thing to help decorate for a wedding celebration.

Posted in , May 26, 2015

A glowing votive candle, nestled in a eucalyptus branch

“I really want the tables to look special,” I told John. Our oldest son was getting married. Nathan and his fiancée, Roxanne, were planning a rustic outdoor wedding. They had a lot of great DIY decorating ideas, but the budget was getting thin.

One morning I heard our neighbors cutting dead branches from their eucalyptus tree. I took a peek at the pile. The bark was peeling away, but the wood looked in good shape.

I asked if we could haul away the branches. John cut, drilled and sanded them. All we had to do was drop in a tea light. We put them next to the centerpieces. Just the right romantic touch for a rustic wedding.

We took a few candleholders to our neighbors. They were glad that the branches they thought were a burden had become a blessing.

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