Pass It On: Digital Soul

A New Jersey group donates refurbished older computers to families who can use them.

Posted in , Nov 25, 2014

An artist's rendering of a computer with a recycling logo on its monitor screen

At my tech discussion group, the topic was how having a home computer with internet access would help a lot of families in our community. Kids could research school projects and take free online classes; parents could look for jobs or start web businesses.

What if we refurbished used computers for families who couldn’t afford them? Our local internet provider was even offering a low-cost plan so folks could get online.

We named our project Trenton Digital Initiative, and presented the idea to the mayor. He and his team immediately got on board. Not only would we be helping poor families, but we’d be keeping all those electronics out of landfills.

A small army of volunteers got to work. We’ve given away 200 computers so far—and thanks to monetary donations, some of those have come with “internet scholarships” of a year of free service.

Are you getting or giving a computer for the holidays this year? If it’s replacing a working computer, why not give that one a new home?

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For more information on the Trenton Digital Initiative, visit To donate your old computer outside of Trenton, visit

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