Pass It On: Heart-Warmer

She wanted to bring warmth to folks who could use it—and she knew just how to do it.

Posted in , Dec 29, 2014

A pig-tailed girl in a wheelchair with a fleeve blanket covering her lap

Winter can be brutal in my hometown—we’re regularly on the “most snowfall” lists. Six years ago I started Leece’s Fleeces, making and selling fleece blankets to earn extra money.

Last year I noticed that I had a lot of leftover material in my basement. I heard that the high school I graduated from was holding a benefit for our local Shriners Hospital.

My cousin Eric received great care at that hospital when we were kids. The staff helped him walk with braces and gave him therapy for the juvenile arthritis in his wrists—a true gift for a kid who loved to draw.

Maybe kids in the hospital could use blankets, I thought. I gave Shriners a call—and got the go-ahead. I used my brightest colors and most fun patterns to add an extra dose of cheer.

The kids loved the blankets. And giving back to folks that helped my family? Well, that keeps me warm.

If you’d like to make blankets for children in your community, get no-sew instructions here.

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