Pass It On: Make Someone's Day

A family tradition of doing favors blossoms into a website for promising good deeds.

Posted in , Dec 29, 2014

An artist's rendering of an envelope with a note in it

Back when we were a young married couple with two little girls, my husband and I didn’t have money for gifts. So we gave each other handmade coupons for favors—he’d take the kids to the park while I napped, I’d make him a special meal. They could be cashed in when we needed a treat.

Our girls (and income) have grown, but Tim wondered if there was a way to give favors online. We brainstormed with our daughters and their husbands, and was born.

To use the site, you simply register. We have an “Ideas” page featuring 11 categories and upcoming daily, weekly and monthly celebrations. You could choose a walk with your sister on New Year’s Day, or make your neighbor a pot of chicken noodle in honor of Soup Month.

After you figure out the favor you want to do for someone, enter their e-mail address and the favor is off to their in-box. If they don’t have e-mail, you can print out a favor coupon and deliver it in person.

People enjoy receiving these reminders that you’re thinking about them. Go ahead—make someone’s day! Who knows, they just might return the favor!

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