Pass It On: More Than Skin Deep

An encounter with skin cancer reminded her just how many blessings had been showered upon her.

- Posted on Apr 21, 2015

A middle-aged woman concults with her dermatologist

My yearly visit to the dermatologist was routine until he asked, “What is that on your nose?”

A biopsy revealed it to be a cancerous lesion. He was able to remove everything, but I looked like Frankenstein with all the bandages! A few weeks later, they finally came off. The doctor said if I wanted to make the scar less noticeable, I’d need to massage it for 10 minutes twice a day for three months.

What a drag! Then it occurred to me how fortunate I was that the cancer was caught early. I used that 10 minutes to pray. I thanked God for my health and my sharp-eyed dermatologist. Then I added prayers for my friends and family.

By the time my scar healed, I felt much closer to my loved ones and to God. What I thought was treating my skin actually treated my soul.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. For prevention tips and screening information, visit

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