Pass It On: Nice!

A grandmother passes on the lessons of kindness she learned from her own grandmother.

Posted in , Feb 24, 2015

An artist's rendering of Hortense's NICE notebook

As a little girl I’d hear my grandfather say things like, “Wish everyone good morning, because each day is a gift.” Now that I’m a grandmother, I want to pass that positive perspective on to my grandkids.

Why not help them recognize small acts of kindness? Like people who offer directions to strangers who look lost, or who hold a door open for someone with their hands full.

I wrote “NICE,” for “Noticing Individual Character Examples,” on the cover of a notebook and started carrying it around with me.

When I see someone do something nice, I ask if I can have their name to pray for them. No one has said no yet. What I usually hear is, “Oh my gosh, yes!”

My grandkids are getting the message. They gave a violin concert at a rest home, and taught me how to play games on a tablet. One grandson even said he wants to start his own NICE book.

We all have it in us to be kind, and it doesn’t take a grand gesture. Just smile at everyone—you never know who might notice.

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