Pass It On: Spring Surprise

A May Day basket gave her one more reason to celebrate spring.

Posted in , Apr 21, 2015

An artist's rendering of a May basket hanging from the knob of an open door

Spring is my favorite season—a time of promise and new life. But a few years ago some hardships kept me from getting excited about it.

One day, I was on my back patio when I heard the doorbell. I ran through the house to get the door. No one was there. Then I noticed my friend Mary and her daughter driving away, waving.

I looked down. There was an old-fashioned May Day basket on my doorstep. It was made of bright construction paper and contained a flower, candy and homemade cookies. I couldn’t help smiling. I remembered making and stealthily delivering May baskets in grade school.

Still giggling, I called my friend Judy. “Do you remember May baskets?” I asked. “Want to make some?” We crafted our baskets out of doilies and gave them ribbon handles. After filling them with pink carnations and colorful candies, we went on a delivery run.

Now I have another reason to love spring. Each year my friends and I get together for lunch and basket making. We end our celebration by giving others a sly, sweet surprise.

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