Pass It On: Sweet Honey

An Alabama mom carries on the tradition of thoughtfulness begun by her departed pal.

Posted in , May 26, 2015

Honoring Honey: A man smiles as he reads a news clipping received in the mail.

My daughters called my older friend Bertie “Honey” because she was so sweet to them—like another grandma.

Honey was like a proud grandma to others too. When her friends received accolades in our local paper, she’d send them the article with a congratulatory note.

About a year after Honey died, I spotted a familiar name in the paper, a man who had been one of her long-ago babysitting charges. He was all grown up now and was getting promoted at work. I clipped the story and sent it to him with a note: “Since Honey’s no longer here, I’m sending this on her behalf with best wishes for a bright future.”

He wrote me a nice letter back. I try to send clippings to every friend I see in the paper. It feels good to spread joy and sweetness the way Honey did.

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