Someone Cares—Pass It On: In Kind

An unexpected donation of flowers delights the residents of a nursing home.

- Posted on Feb 24, 2015

Inspiring illustration depicting a smiling senior with a bouquet of flowers

I work at the reception desk of a nursing home. One evening a woman came in with her arms full of flowers. She was a teacher and her students had given her the bouquets for her birthday.

“I don’t have room at home for so many flowers,” she said. “Maybe your residents would like them?”

I thanked her and called the night nurse, who took the bouquets to the long-term-care nursing stations.

I couldn’t wait to get to work the next night to hear what happened. The nurses said they loved making the deliveries, telling the residents, “We don’t know who brought these flowers, but they’re for you.”

In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wasn’t a good candidate for chemo. I took tamoxifen instead and gave my trouble to God—just as Dr. Peale suggested in his book, "Thought Conditioners". Since then I’ve remained cancer free. -Guideposts Magazine reader

That birthday girl started a chain reaction—the nurses got to share in the fun, and receiving flowers was a wonderful surprise for the residents. One woman, who’s over 100 years old, thought they were from her crush down the hall.

Happy hearts share their happiness…and their flowers. How far can yours go?

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