Someone Cares—Pass It On: Quilted with Care

A daughter with crafty talents makes an effort to repay the kindnesses shown her late mother during her final months.

Posted in , Apr 26, 2016


My mother spent her last months in a hospice facility. Not only did the nurses provide her with great care, they also brought her valentines, a Halloween pumpkin and candy, homemade pies, greeting cards and even a lap quilt.

Those nurses were a real blessing. For both of us. Every item they gave my mom made her feel extra loved. Their willingness to answer my questions and talk me through this very tough time made me feel loved too.

Mom’s gone now, but I wanted to repay the kindness that we’d received. I’ve been sewing since I was five years old and my mother’s the one who taught me. What better way to honor her memory than to make lap quilts for the hospice where she was so well taken care of?

I know firsthand what each blanket will mean not only to the patient but to the family members. They are a tangible sign of the love, support and compassion I received—and that I can give now too. 

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