Take Time to Look Heavenward

Our interior designer was inspired to re-create the blue skies of the great outdoors in her home.

- Posted on Mar 13, 2013

Kelee Katillac

That evening it rained buckets. So much that my basement started leaking.

“When it rains it pours,” I muttered, running around with rags and a mop. “What more can go wrong?” A sick friend, an upsetting e-mail and now this.

We could afford to repair the water damage, but who needs an unplanned expense, especially in this economy? And where would I find the time?

All night I tossed and turned, going over my list of woes. In the morning I had one more to add to it: lack of sleep.

I run my own interior design business and had a meeting with a client across town. I headed out early. I didn’t want to get stuck in traffic. I was stressed enough already.

I was just about to pass our midtown park when something made me pull in. I had a little time before my meeting. Maybe a walk would settle me down.

I took the path to the rose garden and sank onto a bench. Why wasn’t I feeling any better? Just then I heard a still small voice urge, Look up.

I lifted my head and saw the hills in the distance perfectly framed by a big stone arch. Fluffy clouds scudded across a brilliant blue sky. It was a glorious day, and I hadn’t even noticed.

I looked around some more. The roses were even lovelier than usual, glistening with raindrops from the night before, and the grass was a lush carpet of green rolling out to the trees.

What else had I missed because I’d been so focused on the negative? I thought of the good things in my life, a list that went on far longer than my woes.

Time to leave for my meeting, but before I did, I said a prayer of thanks to the One from whom all blessings flow.

Was there some way I could keep the wonder of this sunlit morning with me? If I could just paint it...

Which is exactly what I did, on the ceiling in my workroom. I felt a bit like a modern-day Michelangelo doing the Sistine Chapel.

Of course, it was way easier than that (you can do it yourself!). Now on the grayest mornings, all I have to do to find blue skies is look up.

Check out Kelee's step-by-step instructions for bringing a little blue sky into your own home.

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