Untangling Ourselves

How to get in touch with yourself through the Shaped By Faith program.

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I’m still exhilarated from the Shaped by Faith program I led last night at Walnut Memorial Baptist Church, in Owensboro, Kentucky. Although I’ve shared my story many times, I feel thankful each time I recount God’s grace that pulled me out of my despair.

Our lives are like tangled skeins of yarn in one way or another. In a Shaped by Faith program, I trace back the yarn of my life back to the tangles of being adopted into a cold family, the twist of becoming pregnant as a college freshman, and double snarl of enduring two painful marriages to dishonorable men.

The audience last night nodded with their own memories as I recalled my feelings of abandonment, shame, and guilt.

At that point, I led them in some seated exercises. As they did side stretches and leg lifts, I told them, “Exercise was the way I found to unravel myself.” Taking and teaching fitness classes gave me a purpose and a sense of self worth. And in God’s mysterious way, exercise ultimately led me to faith when a student in my class prayed with me.

All of my Shaped by Faith programs end with discussion time. I would say that at least 15 ladies last night asked me different questions related to fitness, finding direction and self-esteem.

I encouraged each to go for a walk, or garden, or ride a bike, or just sit and scoop their belly. Start moving! Getting in touch with your body is a good step towards getting in touch with yourself.


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Theresa is a former model and nationally certified fitness professional who teaches people to use their faith to inspire fitness and their fitness to strengthen their faith. She is the author of Shaped by Faith: 10 Secrets to Strengthening your Body & Soul, and two exercise DVDS: Pilates for the Soul

She and her husband, Robin, have seven children and live in Calhoun, Kentucky.

You can email her with any questions or concerns.

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