What Is Your Special Calling?

Each of us has a unique purpose and plan that is useful and valuable to God. Don't let fear stand in the way.

Posted in , Jul 11, 2016

What is your special calling? God has a plan for you.

I attended a conference in Cincinnati recently with about 100 Christian women who are speakers and authors. It was an awesome weekend of training sessions, fun, fellowship and spiritual refreshment, but there was one evening that especially touched me. 

On the first night, we went around the room to introduce ourselves and talk about our ministries. As woman after woman stood and shared from her heart, it hit me how each of us has a unique calling.

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There were women with a heart for military families. Others have a passion for families or for children and teaching them God’s Word. Some write Bible studies, making the Scriptures come alive, and others reach hearts through their music or films. 

There were women who write and speak about surviving a loved one’s suicide, divorce, children in prison and other difficult situations, giving hope to people who are walking through similar circumstances. 

The list could go on and on. It was truly amazing. Each of us had a different purpose and a different plan–and all of them were useful and valuable to God. 

But you know what? I suspect that if I’d gone around that room and asked if anyone had ever had doubts or fears as they stepped out in faith to serve God, all would have answered, “yes.”

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Sweet friends, has God placed something on your heart that He wants you to do for Him? Are you fearful or overwhelmed by what it will take to accomplish that calling? Are you allowing worry to hold you back? 

I’ve so been there, but this is what I learned: All it requires is taking that first step of faith, saying, “Okay, God, I don’t see how this is going to work, but I’m going to trust You to make it happen. Here I am. I give you my heart. Do what You want with me.”

You see, our willing hearts are all that He needs. He has everything else, and He can–and will–supply us with all that we need to accomplish what He’s asked us to do.

What's your unique calling? Will you fulfill it . . . or not? That’s the important question.

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