Finding Life Purpose

How to live a life with intention and purpose.

Living a Life of Intent and Purpose

Every day we live out our story through our words, actions and decisions. Make them count.

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An artist's rendering of a stack of Guideposts, tied with a gift bow

Someone Cares—Pass It On: 12 Gifts-a-Giving

A woman recovering from surgery has her holiday season brightened with a series of surprise gifts inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas.

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Tailgate artist Andrea Martin, her son Brayden, and veterans Charlie (right) and Tom

A Single Mom Paints Tributes to Our Veterans

A newly single mom yearns for something to replace the solitude she feels in the evenings after her son is in bed. A unexpected text from a friend solves the problem and gives her a greater respect for our country's veterans.

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Crystal Emery filmmaker

Inspiring Filmmaker Crystal Emery Is Redefining What's Possible

Award-winning filmmaker Crystal Emery's muscular dystrophy has left her wheelchair-bound and without the use of her hands--but her passion for purpose is still going strong.

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The power of positive thinking lives on.

How the Power of Positive Thinking Lives On

A granddaughter shares how Dr. and Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale influenced many lives–and her career.

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Actor and documentary film maker Aaron Wolf takes us on a tour of the Wilshire Blvd Temple

Restoring Tomorrow: A Tour of the Historic Wilshire Boulevard Temple

Join us as actor and documentary film maker Aaron Wolf takes us on a tour of the newly restored Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles, where his grandfather, Alfred Wolf, once served as a rabbi.  

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Adele (on Mount Whitney’s summit) likes the No Barriers motto: What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

Faith Helps Veteran Overcome Survivor's Guilt, PTSD and TBI

This Iraq vet wondered why she'd been allowed to survive a bomb attack, but she came to understand that she could honor her fallen comrades by living a full and faithful life.

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Practice compassion and mercy on a daily basis.

How Our Faith Can Make a Difference in the World

Don’t be distracted from performing daily acts of mercy, compassion and grace.

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Author, mystic and Catholic monk Thomas Merton

The Spiritual Landmarks of Christian Mystic Thomas Merton

A Louisville street corner is one of a number of places where Thomas Merton’s faith was awakened.

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Actor and Guideposts cover star Courtney B. Vance

Cover Star Courtney B. Vance Gives His Best Life Advice

The Emmy-winning actor talks faith and how trusting God gives us the courage to follow our dreams.

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Father Brain Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa's Legacy of Love

Father Brian Kolodiejchuk shares how Mother Teresa, who will be canonized on September 4,  changed the course of his life and redefined what it means to love.

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Mother Teresa, surrounded by young children

The Inspiring Words of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa inspired millions around the world with her work on behalf of the less fortunate. We hope you are inspired by this collection of her quotes about faith and helping others.

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