Getting Through the Day with Grace

It is in the present that God wants you alive, focused, faithful.

Posted in , Mar 15, 2017

Getting through the day with grace.

I was thinking the other day, after a good stretch of days filled with drama and trauma and stress, that we're actually only ever given one problem: how to get through today well, with grace and patience and faith and love and wisdom. Then the day comes to an end.

For some reason that idea was immensely comforting to me. We don't have to do it all; my job on any given day isn't to resolve every issue, see the end of the tunnel, or make others happy. My job is not to be happy, to get what I want, enlighten the whole world, or convince others so they understand what I am going through. My job today is deal with today in a Christian manner. Lord knows that can be plenty!

In 2001, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wasn’t a good candidate for chemo. I took tamoxifen instead and gave my trouble to God—just as Dr. Peale suggested in his book, "Thought Conditioners". Since then I’ve remained cancer free. -Guideposts Magazine reader

Tomorrow I can worry entirely about tomorrow. But today–oh yes, today!–is what I can do something about now. The moment I am in is the moment God wants me alive, focused, faithful.

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As the sun goes down, my job is to find the good that was mixed in with the bad, the satisfaction mixed in with the frustration, the grace mixed in with the temptations. My job is to confess my faults, make amends where I can, forgive what I can, accept my limitations, and rest.

There was evening and there was morning–the first day. Life is easier when we live it the way God ordained it: one day at a time.

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