How to Cope with Sadness During the Holidays

No matter how blue you may feel, be on the lookout for small gifts of grace.

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How to fight seasonal sadness

With the holidays coming up and the cold weather moving in, this time of the year can be difficult when it comes to emotional ups and downs. Maybe you have recently lost a loved one and will be spending the holidays alone; or you suffer from seasonal depression; or, after years of struggle, you are getting divorced. There are many reasons you may feel sad. But experiencing sadness is part of being human. 

When we are sad, we tend to withdraw or, out of desperation, look for a quick fix for our sorrow. But there are no quick fixes for a broken heart. Look for the small things that come your way and bring you joy. Embrace them. Let them fill your heart, even if it’s just a moment. 

It might be the smile of a young child seeking your attention, your dog or cat snuggling up next to you or a friend who makes jokes because they want to see you laugh. These are gifts of grace that lift us up and offer hope. In these moments, we remember that the heart heals over time.

When going through dark times, strive for patience until the cloud is lifted. If you have lost a loved one, it’s only natural to feel sorrow. There is nothing wrong with this. Eventually, you’ll discover that although the person is no longer physically present, they remain an important part of your life. 

Lastly, don’t forget prayer. Share your sorrows and pain with God as He can heal all. No matter what is weighing you down, God is interested in your state of mind and emotions. It may feel like sadness will never go away. But joy will return. Until then, be kind and patient with yourself. Gift yourself the gift of self-compassion this season.

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