How to Enjoy the Calm After the Holidays

Even if your holidays were more “flurry” than “storm,” take the new year up on its offer of a moment to reflect, refresh and relax.

Posted in , Dec 20, 2019

Calm after the holidays

It was the most wonderful time of the year, wasn’t it? Maybe. Or maybe it was a little more than you expected—a little more busy, a little more stressful, a little more tiring. 

Even if the holiday season was a little more joyful than anticipated, early January offers one last holiday gift—the invitation to take a deep breath, reset yourself and turn your attention to the new year ahead.

Try these easy ways to relish the quiet that follows all the parties, meals, movies and feelings of the holiday season.

Go Outside
Even if the weather outside is frightful, a few moments outdoors in the bracing winter air will encourage you to breathe in some refreshing newness.

Get Cozy
What makes you feel calm, cozy and safe? Whatever it is—hot cocoa, thick socks, an afternoon nap—do it! In Denmark, this process, called “hygge,” is a time-tested method for connecting with your sources of inner warmth.

Journal Your Memories
Once the decorations are packed away and the leftovers are frozen or eaten, take a moment to reflect on the holiday season. Writing in a journal is a great way to organize and express your thoughts and feelings, process any lingering emotions, and preserve precious memories for the future.

How are you gentle with yourself after the busy holiday season?

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