A Heavenly Bridge Between Mother and Daughter

Her departed parent's favorite song reminds a woman that she is never alone.

- Posted on Aug 17, 2012

Cover for Simon and Garfunkel's album Bridge Over Troubled Waters

You never know who you might meet at a party. I’d been talking to a young woman for a while when we discovered we had something unusual in common: We’d both lost our mothers when we were teenagers.

“I still think about Mom a lot,” the woman said. “When I see her favorite flower or hear her favorite song.”

“For me it’s the opposite,” I said. “It’s the strangest thing. It seems like whenever I find myself missing my mom more than usual, I hear her favorite song. Almost on cue! Sometimes I think she must know I’m thinking of her.”

I recounted several instances when Mom’s beloved “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel had played under the most unlikely of circumstances. I enjoyed comparing notes with my new friend, but I had to admit by the end of the evening I was missing Mom more than ever.

The next morning I turned on the radio while cleaning up the breakfast dishes. The first notes of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” came through the speaker. I had to smile.

Mom was still near, and a special song made sure I never forgot her loving presence.

Watch and listen as Simon and Garfunkel perform "Bridge Over Troubled Waters."


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