Are You Ready for the Next Storm?

Just like the weather, life is going to send you storms. Here's how you can be spiritually prepared.

Posted in , Sep 29, 2017

Are you ready for the next storm?

As my husband and I rode down a country road, we passed a fire station with a sign that read, “Are you ready for the next storm?” Our area had just been in the path of Hurricane Irma, causing downed trees, winds and power outages. And now, as I sit here writing this, several more hurricanes are forming that range from Category 1 to Category 5.

We’ve had our share of storms in the past—a blizzard and other heavy snows that knocked down trees, causing power and water outages, sometimes up to a week at a time. Those days in a cold house weren’t fun, but we learned so much from those early storms, things that made later storms easier to bear.

Now we’re prepared with flashlights, lanterns and candles. We bought a battery-operated radio to keep up with the news. We stocked up on batteries so we’d have plenty for extended power failures. We make sure our grill is ready and that its tank is full, and we purchase food that can be easily prepared and then cooked or heated on the grill. (And we don’t forget to buy emergency chocolate!) We have book lights to read in the dark. We keep our car gas tanks full and have emergency cash on hand. 

We’re ready for the next storm, but we wouldn’t have learned to do all those things if we hadn’t encountered a storm in the past. The same is true spiritually. Those little storms in our lives are never fun, but they prepare us for the big storms—the big trials—that will come our way. They can teach us some valuable lessons.

Here’s what I try to do spiritually to be ready for those storms as well:

1.  Build a relationship with God.
Learn His heart. Feel His compassion. Draw close so that when the storms of life arrive, we already have an intimate relationship with Him.

2.  Develop a strong prayer life.
Talking to God on a regular basis builds a strong bond. 

3.  Build a community of faith.
I have been blessed by others during hard times and, in turn, I can be a blessing to others during their times of need.

4.  Memorize His precious promises.
Bible verses captured in my heart always comfort me when the angry winds of life approach. 

Are you ready for the next storm? Now is the time to get ready…not when the storm arrives.  

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