Be Prepared for Life's Storms

Edie Melson offers 5 tips to prepare for the inevitable storms of life.

Posted in , Jul 21, 2015

A woman sits at a river's edge holding a pink umbrella preparing for a storm. Prepare for the storms of life with these tips

The storms of life will come. It's one of the promises Jesus made to His followers: "In this world, you will have trouble". It's a fact we can’t escape. But for a long time, I tried to ignore this part of life. I took life as it came, with little preparation or planning for the inevitable, and that philosophy brought me close to being shipwrecked on several occasions. 

Some of the biggest storms hit when our son was serving in the military--I was ill-prepared for the stress, anxiety and worry that can come with a deployment. I learned the hard way the importance of preparing for the storms. Without these tips, I don't know if I would've made it through in one piece. Here are 5 ways to preapre for the storms of life:

1. Develop a daily habit of prayer and Bible reading.

Just like the foundation for a house is built first, I’ve found that I first need a foundation of faith and truth to weather the storms life can bring. That foundation is sound when you build a strong relationship with God. He is there when we call, but it’s easier to sense His presence when we already know Him well.

2. Build a support system of close friends.

I’ve found that doing life alone is almost impossible. We all need people to support us when things get tough. And we have an inner need to help others. By investing in relationships now, we are equipped to face the things that lie ahead. These close friends will pray for you and those you care about, bringing comfort and peace that can only come through companionship. Be a friend to the people around you and find joy in those friendships. They'll likely be there for you when you're going through too.


3. Find a community of faith.

Beyond close friends, we also need a larger community. This could be a local church, small group, or Bible study. But these folks will also play a part in helping you make it through the storms without ending up on the rocks.

4. Create a place of peace and solitude.

Where do you run to when you need to get away? I have several places I turn when I need to be alone and find perspective. My back porch is the first place I turn. It’s screened from floor to ceiling, and our wooded lot makes it a perfect sanctuary. When I can travel further afield, I head to the mountains. Somehow driving through their majestic peaks gives me the peace and perspective I need in difficult times. Whether you're designating a corner in your home or venturing out into the wilderness, find a space of peace and stillness to call your own.


5. Write in and re-read your journals.

One thing I’ve done well is to record the happenings of my life on paper. When things get tough, I can go back and see how God has been faithful in times past. And, just by writing out my struggles, I can see the things happening now with more clarity.

How do you prepare for life’s storms?

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