Blessed by an Angelic Glow

A grieving widow is cheered by a small miracle on her first Christmas Eve without her husband.

- Posted on Oct 7, 2013

A Christmas tree with a glowing angelic topper

I missed my husband, Melvin, every day, but never more than while I prepared for my first Christmas without him. When the light in our angel tree topper went out, it was the last straw.

If Melvin were alive, he could have fixed that angel, no problem. He could fix anything. One of my sons-in-law got a ladder and examined the angel from all sides, jiggled her, then wondered if the problem was with the bulb inside. “It’s useless,” he said finally. “I can’t get it out to replace it.”

Maybe it’s a sign, I thought. We should be grieving this Christmas instead of celebrating. We left the unlit angel on top of the tree.

On Christmas Eve my family gathered to watch midnight Mass on TV. I felt so low, I could hardly concentrate on the service. At one point, we all bowed our heads to pray. When I looked up again at the priest on TV, I caught sight of our tree topper. The angel lit up right in front of my eyes!

Everyone shouted and clapped before settling down to watch the end of the Mass in the heavenly glow of the angel’s light. It was definitely time to celebrate.


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