How to Learn to Enjoy Change

Ideas for turning even the toughest transition into a positive experience. 

Posted in , Jan 29, 2020

Meeting new people

Stepping into a new phase of life requires a lot of trust in God. Everything is new, and change is constant. 

My wife, Elba, and I are in the middle of our transition from New York to Florida, leaving long-time jobs and relationships and starting over. As with all change, there are gains and losses, but prayer is helping us get through all of it.

We miss family, friends and co-workers although with technology we can remain connected. But we can’t touch or enjoy a meal with them. It helps to remember that you never have to be alone. Wherever you go, there are people. It’s just that everyone you meet is new! That can be a wonderful opportunity if you trust you’ll make new friends.

A few days after arriving in Florida, I had to go to Atlanta for a business trip. On my return home from the airport, I took an Uber. The driver, John, and I got into a conversation. It turns out that John lives in our apartment complex. He noted that he has picked up thousands of people over the years but rarely someone who lives in his complex. 

I shared about my moving to Florida after a call to be the interim pastor of the Presbyterian congregation at Dunedin. John offered valuable information about my new home—hospitals, doctors, dentist, restaurants, beaches, traffic patterns and more. We connected in the most unexpected way. God knew what I needed. 

Change is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to navigate uncharted waters. Letting go of what we know and opening ourselves to what might be is challenging even when we seek change. 

Trust in God during this process includes letting go of what we think we know and allowing a space for curiosity and openness. This spirit allows us to step into a new community, church or workplace with faith and a positive attitude that we will meet and develop new friendships and enjoy all that change has to offer

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