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How The Uniform Project created sustainable fashion.

Posted in , Jul 7, 2009

You know how it is some days. You wake up and just can't figure out what to wear. Wouldn't it be great if the time and effort you put into finally pairing that brown plaid skirt with this melon-colored flouncy top could be harnessed for the greater good?

Meet Sheena Matheiken. She enlisted her pal Eliza Starbuck to design a simple black dress, which was then duplicated for each day of the week. In May, Sheena began wearing this uniform, combining it with chic accessories mostly donated from vintage stores or designers.

Sheena's hop is that her "exercise in sustainable fashion" gets translated into donations, via her website, to the Ankanksha Foundation, a Mumbai-based non-profit dedicated to the education of India's slum children.

School is where Sheena's inspiration began. Raised in India where public schools require uniforms, Sheena remembers how teens expressed their individual style however they could.

If you'd like to see Sheena's daily uniform tweaks, donate accessories to her uniform, or donate money to the Ankanksha Foundation, visit theuniformproject.com.

—Alina Larson

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