Managing Life Changes

Iraq war veteran Bryan Anderson

Our Returning Troops: Inspiring Veteran Won't Give Up

This veteran may have lost two legs and one hand while serving in Iraq, but he refuses to be limited or defined by his injuries.

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When change is constant, here's how to find hope and comfort.

Finding Comfort in a Changing World

A Greek philosopher reminds us that change is constant. But then there’s God…

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Guideposts: Sculptor Catherine Partain Shamblin finds healing in creating crosses from discarded materials

The Healing Power of Art

After a contentious divorce, Catherine Partain Shamblin found herself feeling alone and without direction. A mysterious voice told her to make a cross with whatever materials she could find, and now, her beautifully crafted crosses serve as healing agents for Catherine and the people who purchase them.

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World War II veteran and Oscar winner Harold Russell

Guideposts Classics: Harold Russell on a Soldier's Faith

In this story from January 1947, Harold Russell, who, after losing his hands during World War II, won two Oscars for his portrayal of Homer Parish in The Best Years of Our Lives, shares the importance of faith during wartime—and after.

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Jon Holden and Minka take time out of jeep patrol for mail call.

The Canine Angel That Saved a Soldier

How one veteran was blessed by man's best friend—in peace and in war.

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Comfort for those who have lost a loved one.

Comfort for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One

Longfellow's "Footsteps of Angels" was written after the death of his first wife.

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Artist's rendering of a mother raccoon and her child

Learning to Love and Let Go

A mother with empty-nest syndrome finds an unlikely youngster to care for.

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A woman sits at a river's edge holding a pink umbrella preparing for a storm. Prepare for the storms of life with these tips

Be Prepared for Life's Storms

Edie Melson offers 5 tips to prepare for the inevitable storms of life.

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An angel, surrounded by flowers and gravestones, warms her face in the sunlight.

A Positive Attitude About Aging and Death

An inspiring visit to an ancestor’s grave made him rethink his own attitudes about aging and mortality.

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An artist's rendering of a medic rescuing an injured soldier during combat

Blood Brothers

He'd given so many wounded warriors emergency care in Somalia, how could he possibly remember a single soldier years later?

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An artist's rendering of an angel with wings made of rose petals

Abuela's Roses

Gardens need tender love and lots of patience, but she wanted to be comforted now.

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Memories and photos. Thinkstock.

The Blessings of Age

Good memories are a blessing, a gift to sweeten our lives the older we grow.

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Vanessa Williams Dress for Success, Guideposts

Vanessa Williams Empowers Women to Dress for Success

Award-winning actress Vanessa Williams is teaming up with Dress for Success to help women get a new start

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5 Tips for Making a Career Change

5 Tips for Making a Career Change

Business expert Jon Acuff shares his advice on starting over

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